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Our target market is built upon the persona of young professionals with a contemporary fashion sense who either frequent golf clubs or mimic the style of these clubs with athleisure-centric outfits. Our customer is most likely represented on most—if not all—social media platforms in order to stay in tune with current trends combined with an effort to amplify their creative expressivity. They are very in tune with their personal style and are heavily focused on their self-image. ACE’s target consumer is brand loyal; however, to multiple labels, always trying to achieve unique, fashionable outfits in conjuncture with the idealization of “name brands” and the persona those can provide. They are presumably of moderate to higher social class, with either themselves or their family being extremely career-focused. Our customer also possesses a “work hard, play hard” mentality that emphasizes social relationships and settings. 

Golf Green, Oil Painting, Lantern Press Artwork, Art Prints and Metal Signs - 9 x 12 Art P



The ideal ACE customer is one that is heavily tied to the fashion industry. They highly value the art of fashion and are constant consumers, whether that be from social media feeds, magazines, targeted ads, etc. With this constant consumption, ACE customers feel the desire to be on top of trends—making shopping both a priority and a hobby. During time off from work or school ACE shoppers make a point to stop at the physical locations to view the in-store exclusives; yet, they still browse the online collections during their day-to-day life. ACE customers are tech-savvy and have a large social media presence, which correlates well to the company’s heavy emphasis on active accounts and cohesive brand image. ACE values loyalty and rewards our returning customers with exclusive deals and products. 


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While for many customers a simple event at their country club can be enough reason to sport a new outfit, the company as a whole expects to see rapid development in sales during championship events, such as the PGA Tour or The Masters. With ACE’s headquarters being located on a PGA Tour stop, the contemporary golf wear store anticipates new customer development and increased revenue while golf fans flood into the city with not much to do in their free time besides shopping. Additionally, The Masters will presumably skyrocket sales as customers search for the perfect outfit or are just simply influenced by the event.

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ACE customers continue their loyalty in response to the exclusive, unique, and trendy designs that the company produces. ACE is also committed to expert craftmanship and never cuts corners when it comes to quality. The collections are designed to be worn on-and-off the course, which propels the value of their products even further. 

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The typical ACE customer is of moderate to upper-income level, which allows them the financial freedom to invest in products they believe in. ACE is not only a brand but a community. The frequent consistency of new designs always ensures that our customers always have new pieces to add to their collection. 

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