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business overview

chic, elegant, fashionable golf wear for today's athletes

The golf wear company—ACE—derives its namesake from the popular golf term used to describe a hole-in-one. ACE strives to supply athletes with fashionable, chic clothing to wear on and off the course that cultivates their individuality and personal style (i.e. shoes, skirts, tops, pants, hats). The price range is complementary of popular fashionable athletic brands, such as lululemon, alo, and SET ACTIVE—making the brand moderately priced, falling upwards of $50 per piece. ACE will be headquartered in Charlotte, NC, which currently has a population of almost 1 million and has upwards of 50 golf clubs and courses in and around the booming city. 


 ​​It is no secret that today’s fashion has become more centric around athleisure and the idea that every outfit—no matter athletic, work, or casual—can and should be both fashionable and expressive; with this switch, ACE faces competition mainly among companies such as Outdoor Voices, Lululemon, alo, and Nike. These companies, and others like them, control the market currently because they are the typical “go-to’s.” Each of these companies has positives in their own respects, whether quality, design, marketing, or consumer loyalty. ACE is determined to give their customers the same or better craftmanship they are used to while also offering the one piece that the established companies are failing to provide—expressive, chic, and exclusive design. ACE is dedicated to understanding the ever-changing trends in fashion in addition to continuously developing new, semi-exclusive styles.

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